3D Audio Visualizer

Project Info

Feb, 2015
Project of course Design of Interaction

My Role

Team Work

  • Concept sketch
  • Arduino programming
  • Laser cutting
  • Poster design



Our senses of sound and of light are two of the most prominent senses that we use to understand the world. Both of these senses share the common dimension of time. In this project we will explore time and space through the transformation of sound into light. This is a device to visualize an audio signal. Just as music is perceived through the cochlea in our inner ears and processed in several parts of our brain, principally in the auditory cortex, we will follow a similar process of detection and analysis through the microcontroller.

In this prototype, we use different lengths of acrylid rods to map the different frequecies of audio signal. Below are the video presentation and poster.

(Due to the license of music, the video can only be watched on YouTube website. Please click on the link "Watch on YouTube". Sorry for any inconvenience.)


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